Traffic Control Products Of Florida

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BarrierGuard 800 - Steel Safety Barrier

Benefit is that 80% fewer trucks are required for transportation of the barrier since 600 feet of steel barrier can be transported per truckload versus 100 feet of portable concrete barrier, saving time and money. Steel barrier is twice as fast to install and weighs only 60 pounds per foot compared to concrete barrier at 500 pounds per foot.

  • Signing
    • TCP provides & installs permanent sign assemblies varying from single post sign assemblies to large truss mounted guide signs.  TCP also has a large inventory of Standard Regulatory and Warning Signs (STOP, YIELD, CURVE etc.) and posts for sale (U-Channel, Square Steel, Round Aluminum etc.).
  • Barrier Wall
    • TCP provides concrete barrier wall to construction sites for temporary use. TCP maintains a large inventory of various FDOT approved concrete barrier wall. Water filled barried wall is also available. TCP furnishes and installs temporary and Permanent Crash Cushions of all types. Guardrail sales and installation is also provided on construction sites.
  • Striping
    • TCP provides and installs three types of permanent road markings; Paint, Thermoplastic, and Preformed Reflective Tape. 
  • Maintenance of Traffic (MOT)
  • Traffic Control Products is a qualified FDOT Channelizing Device Supplier. Please click the FDOT link below for the documentation required for your compliance procedures. 
    • TCP provides Maintenance of Traffic materials such as:
      1. Portable, changeable message signs,
      2. Motorist Awareness Systems,
      3. Arrowboards,
      4. Barrels,
      5. Construction Signing to construction sites,
      6. Flagging and Maintenance crews.
  • Signals & Highway Lighting
    • TCP provides installation & maintenance of traffic signals & Highway lighting systems including;
      1.  Mast arm Intersections
      2. Concrete Pole / Span Wire Intersections
      3. Vehicle Detection
      4. TMS Sites
      5. Light poles
      6. Load Centers
      7. Underground Conduit
      8. Conductor Installation
      9. Splicing & Troubleshooting