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Welcome to our products page. Here you will find a representative sample of our complete inventory, which includes a variety of high quality, Industry related products. We have added a new product Barrier Guard 800 Steel Wall ( see further for details )

TCP knows how important safety, protection and visibility are to work zone crews. Keeping this in mind,  TCP is proud to offer its customers a wide selection of high quality, state-of-the-art traffic control prodfucts that safeguard property and lives.


  • STEEL GUARD 800: 

Benefit is that 80% fewer trucks are required for transportation of the barrier since 600 feet of steel barrier can be transported per truckload versus 100 feet of portable concrete barrier, saving time and money.  Steel barrier is twice as fast to install and weighs only 60 pounds per foot compared to concrete barrier at 500 pounds per foot. 

  • MOT Items:

Traffic Cones FDOT Approved

Barricades Type II and III FDOT Approved

Barricade Lights FDOT Approved

Roadway Construction Signs Metal FDOT Approved

Plastic Roll Up Work Zone Signs

Stop / Slow Paddles

Sign Stands and A-Frames

Airport Water-filled Barricades

Triton Water-filled Barriers

Runway Closure X’s – Vinyl and Lighted

Vermac* Products

Trafcon* Products



  • Safety Products:



Flagger Flags

Airport Flags

Beacon Lights


  • Striping Items:

Striping Tape All Types

Stencils for Symbols and Messages

Glass Spherical Beads

Paint Roadway Type

Pavement Markers

Bituminous Material


  • Permanent Signs and Posts:

U Channel Posts Green or Galvanized

Aluminum Posts

Signs Standard MUTCD Type

Signs Specialty Roadway Type

All Sign Hardware

Roadway Delineators All Types

Epoxy Kits

Handrail All Types


  • Temporary Precast Concrete Barrier Wall:

Temporary Concrete Barrier Wall Type J 

Temporary Concrete Barrier Wall Type K

Low Profile Concrete Barrier

Concrete Barrier Reflective Markers

QuadGuard Crash Attenuators

Don't see a product your looking for? Don't worry! TCPFL sells many more products then we can list here. Call 813.621.8484 and we will be glad to assist you.